About Sophie Peach

sophieSophie’s first career was in business. She spent three years working as a buyer in Paris, France where she became fluent in French.

She then transferred back to the UK and spent 5 years working as a Product Manager for a multi-national business-to-business distributor. She worked across Europe with suppliers, the sales force, customer services and colleagues from subsidiary companies.

Following some time out with her young family, she decided to put some of her business skills to good use and moved into charity work focused in the area of encouraging children to develop a love of reading for pleasure. In 2007 she took on the role of Chair of a Shropshire based charity, Shrewsbury Children’s Bookfest and since 2010 has been running a biennial Book Award programme for Shropshire primary schools. As a pupil-led reading development initiative for Top KS2, this scheme not only encourages pupils to read a shortlist of recently published fiction titles but also creates a platform for children to talk about their views of the books.

Inspired by the impact that the Book Award programme had on engaging children with books, she then explored options to link this with an opportunity to develop pupils’ confidence when speaking up. This led to her working as an Associate Trainer for SpeakersTrust for 4 years. During that time she delivered public speaking workshops for both primary and secondary schools in London, Telford - Shropshire, Herefordshire and Powys. Training with SpeakersTrust led her to support primary schools in Telford speak up within the school community about the Millenium Development Goals, this project was run in partnership with the educational charity, Bridges. She currently works as an Associate Trainer for Talk the Talk, delivering public speaking workshops for Year 9 pupils in secondary schools in Shropshire.