Our Pupil Workshops

Words Aloud provides speaking and listening workshops designed for pupils in Years 4 to 6. These Workshops accommodate a maximum of 30 pupils per session and aim to help pupils become confident communicators. All sessions are fun, interactive and practical.

Find Your Confident Voice

Pupils are given an introduction to the art of effective speaking and listening, with the objective of building up their confidence and competence in communication. It is an interactive and practical session and through the use of a range of simple, yet effective games, pupils learn the most important skills required to become a confident communicator.

These sessions are fun and encourage pupils to move out of their comfort zone, learn new skills and develop confidence.

Pupils will:

  • Learn and practice top tips and skills for delivery so that they develop a compelling speaking style and also make themselves heard. The topics of vocal variety, body language and eye contact are covered.
  • Learn how to gain and maintain the interest of an audience.
  • Learn and practice speaking “off the cuff”, answering questions, and explaining reasons for their opinion.
  • Learn how to listen “actively”.
  • Learn how to manage nerves when public speaking.
  • Learn from each other through peer-led feedback.

When making a booking, schools have the option to choose what they want the pupils to focus on in the afternoon:

Following on from what they have learnt in the morning, the pupils look at how to structure, plan and deliver a speech. They are guided through building their own speech on a topic of their choice and then deliver it to the group.

Specifically pupils will:

  • Learn about the importance of “structuring” a speech with a beginning, middle and end.
  • Learn to put this structure into practice with the preparation of their own speech.
  • Learn how to decide what to put in a speech and the importance of keeping the message simple, with guidance where necessary on speech topics.
  • Learn the importance of opening and closing a speech with impact.
  • Round off the session by having the opportunity to put all the learning points into practice by delivering their final speech in front of their peers.

A fun, interactive and motivational session, the pupils work in small groups and recreate a scenario where they are on a school council putting forward some suggestions for change either to school management or local council.

Specifically pupils will:

  • Learn how to structure an argument with points, evidence and explanations to support their case.
  • Gain experience of thinking on their feet.
  • Learn how to respond to others appropriately, taking into account what has been said.
  • Understand the need for and develop listening skills when engaging in debate with those of differing opinions.
  • Finish up with a “council” meeting where issues of relevance and interest to the children are discussed.

Support materials for pupils are provided at the end of each workshop.

Please contact us to request further information and costings.
Flexibility... there is also an option to buy in two half-day sessions, spread over a whole school day for two separate classes.